How can I set up a Parent Messenger account?

If you’re interested in setting up parent messenger at your school please call our team on 0800 862 0131. Alternatively visit www.parentmessenger.co.uk and register for free. When registered with a free account  - which is valid for 7 days you will receive 10 messages to try for free.

How much does each text message cost?

The cost of a text message will depend on how many you buy. The more you buy the cheaper each message is. You can expect to pay between 5p and 6p per message.

How do I top up my credit?

You can top up your credit by calling us on 0800 862 0131. However, the easiest and quickest way to top up your credit is online, just log into your account and click on ‘Buy Credits” complete the details and someone will call you back.

Will parents mind getting text messages from their child’s school?

Most parents like the peace of mind getting text messages from their child’s school provides them with. They are assured that if they need to know something, they can instantly be told, whether it’s a matter of truancy, a school trip update or school closure information. To avoid any instances of parents receiving unwanted texts Parent Messenger allows a parent’s preferred method of contact to be stored against their contact details. You can then chose to only communicate with parents through their preferred method of contact whether that be email  or text.

How will I know the message has been sent successfully?

There are reports available to tell you the delivery results of every SMS campaign that has been sent out. The report will tell you how many have been delivered and how many (if any) have bounced or been rejected, you also have the ability to check on campaigns or individual messages their delivery status.


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Parent Messenger provides a fast, focused and cost efficient way to instantly inform parents and students.  Via an easy to use, online interface you can send an email or text message to thousands in a matter of minutes, keeping those that need to know, in the know. Parent  Messenger has many uses, including reducing truancy in school and advertising school fundraisers.

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